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Wedding Registry

Hello... We thought long and hard about what to do about presents. We both agree that the old fashioned way of getting what you are given has definite appeal but decided for a couple of reasons that this wasn't ideal.

First, if everyone brings gifts to Spain we are going to have to get them back to America somehow. This would be very costly and a complete pain both us and you. Secondly, what if we end up with a bunch of junk we don't want. Sorry, just kidding. The registry is optional and if you think you have a better idea what we might need/want, go for it!

Our registry is with, we looked at the department stores and yuppie shops (crate and barrel etc) and everything was horribly overpriced. I was also hoping to sneak a couple of DVD's and a laptop in there but Heidi's censorious eye put a stop to that.

We apologize for all those expensive Le Creuset pans etc but I've had a thing about those pans all my adult life. We are hoping to find a small flat in Brooklyn after we get married. Then, if anyone is kind enough to indulge us, we can litter the place with fancy pans.

All gifts will be delivered to Heidi's parents in New Jersey.

Two notes if you decide to go this route:

  • Check the "super saver shipping" option if it is available, since the default costs more, and we're in no hurry.
  • Please let us know in the message space provided who you are, or we have no way of knowing!
Thank you. Happy shopping.

To the registry...