Alhambra design Best Man Credentials


Shep posterboy photo Name: Richard D Shepherd

Born: 28th of March 1975 in Rochdale, England (the best town in the best part of the best country on Earth - direct quote)

Occupation: Private Planning Consultant with a company in Manchester.

Residence: A stylish, modern apartment near Manchester's Castlefield district. With our buddy Jack. Not with, just with. Breathe easily girls.

Favourite hobbies: Reading vast quantities of both high and lowbrow newspapers and magazines, internalizing everything and regurgitating it with his own peculiar spin. He also likes going to concerts and art galleries, that sort of thing, you know? Oh, and the footy.

Richard (known as Shep to his close friends) has promised his best man speech will be a '2-hour laughathon'.

This shows Richard's natural charm as he dazzles all around him with his quick wit and to-die-for eyes.

Sociable Shep

NOTE: To all girls drooling over the above photos: Richard is single at the moment. I can't presume he won't be snatched up before August but you are currently in with a chance.